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On this page you will find. . . . . well everything!

This will be the most extensive page for resources (manuals, forms and publications) therefore

will require the most work to complete.

This site contains a full PDF version of manuals. Some may be slow to load depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Guides & Manuals


Shop Steward's Guide

Article 15 Training

M-41 City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities

M-39 Management of Delivery Services

F-21 Time and Attendance

F-401 Supervisors Guide to Scheduling and Premium Pay

Notice 30 - Time Conversion Table




PS Form 8190 Grievance Form

Request for Information Form

Dispute Resolution Form

Time Limit Extension Form


Additional Manuals and Handbooks


"Just Cause" Stewards and Advocate Training

Defenses to Discipline

EL-921 Supervisors Guide to Handling Greivances

EL-603 EEO Complaint Processing

EL-505 Injury Compension

EL-801 Supervisors Safety Handbook

EL-814 Postal Employees Guide to Safety

EL-860-2000-7 Fitness for Duty Examinations

POM Postal Operations Manual

NALC Constitution

Local Negotiations Handbook

NALC Guide to Safety & Health

Manual Salary Determination Workbook

Promotion Pay Anomaly




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